About Us

At ThinkHR, we are passionate about empowering HR professionals so that they can be more efficient and effective in their jobs. Since 2005, we’ve challenged ourselves to be more than just a hotline with a static content library. Our mission is to provide a place where every HR professional can get the answers they are looking for quickly, inexpensively, and accurately so that they can focus on the reason they got into HR in the first place—to help build the staff and programs that will allow their companies to succeed. Today, we help tens of thousands of HR professionals thrive through our trusted team of ThinkHR Live Advisors, ThinkHR Comply resource center and ThinkHR Learn training solution.

ThinkHR helps businesses of all sizes and industries save time, money and avoid costly risk and liability. From hiring and promoting employees to developing leaders and staying abreast of the latest employment laws, we’ve got you covered.

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